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New for 2017, we are happy to announce you can now bring your pet dog.


There are some rules, sorry if they seem strict but the event takes place on a livestock farm. Vdub at the Pub are happy for responsible dog owners to bring their pets into the event arena, campsite and car park for 2017.


Please be sure you are happy with the rules regarding dogs at Vdub, if you cannot stick to these please do not consider bringing your dog to the event.


  • Dogs must always be on a lead all the time. There are no exceptions to this rule, no ‘he never runs off’ or ‘she’ll stay close to the van’ etc – the event takes place on a farm with sheep in neighbouring fields.

  • You must clear up after your dog.

  • Dogs are not be allowed in the marquees with the stage/bar in – they are loud busy places and not suitable for animals.


Any owners not sticking to these rules will be asked to leave to the event.