It's been a strange year of frustration and anxiety as we try and plan the festival for you.

It still isn't clear what format the Government will allow events to take place in so we are being as flexible as we can in our thinking.

Our basic promise to you is if we are allowed to do it and we safely can, we will.

This might mean some changes to stages and layouts - but you have trusted us with this in the past and we hope you will for this year too. What we do know is that outdoor events and camping were considered one of the safest environments in 2020

and we suspect they will be given the green light first.

We are confident that we can facilitate most changes and still entertain you with some fine bands and DJ's.

We will have live bands and a hand picked team of DJ's entertaining you during the weekend.
We always try to book an exciting mix of Vdub favourites and new bands who you may not have seen before.

Always great quality, some to chill to, others to dance to and all will create great memories.

Our festival is named after our own 'Pub' built by hand each year.

For 2021 we may be having to make some changes - could be inside/outisde/seated?

But whatever it is - it will still be seelling a great range of local ales and ciders within ear shot of some fabulous music.

Friday Night Party with Martyn the Hat playing disco, club classics and guilty pleasures.

Saturday : Pub opens at 10am, Live music all day and night

Sunday : Pub open from 10am, music from 11am, show & shine awards at 3pm


The Government are planning to announce in February and March a road map for easing of restrictions in the summer.

We will update you on how we will plan to ensure we have a safe way of running our bars. 

It could involve seated groups - and if it does that is what we will do.

It could involve groups of 6, 2m apart again, and if it does that is what we will plan for you.

It may be that we are restricted to outdoors, no dancing and even table service

- but if we are told it is safe to go ahead with some changes, we will, and we will make it fun.


On the banks of the River Stour, a free form jam of bands to sit on straw bales and enjoy.
The home of Dave Manning in the past.

It is likely that we will reorganise the way we present the music at the show this year.


We suspect there will be more emphasis on relaxed wibe, rather than get up and dance.

The different styles of msuic we have become accustomed to at Vdub

(main stage, acoustic stage and vintage stage)

will more than likely get presented in anew way, it could even be from a new outdoor performance space.

We will keep you updated as the regulations start the become clear in February and March.