We have a large market area and a variety of options for trading at our show. There are weekend pitches, vintage day trader pitches, food pitches and auto-jumble pitches. We are careful about who we book and try to avoid too much duplication of goods. Our standard pitch sizes are 6m deep with a width of 6, 12, or 18m. Catering is carefully managed and most of our traders tend to return each year.

There are four steps to trading at our event, please follow them.

VAT Number: 392 3427 86

The main market of the event - stalls can be open from Friday afternoon until close on Sunday.
Not for catering (these are booked as food stalls: see below) and no alcohol sales are allowed.

VW memorabilia, parts, clothing, art outdoor lifestyle, camping. Power is available as an extra when booking, or can be added later using the links below (no generators allowed). 2 event passes included with the stall booking and space to camp.

6m deep

6, 12, or 18m wide 


Saturday is Vintage Day at Vdub at the Pub and we have always attracted a strong collection of vintage stalls.

Stalls get to set up next to the main market but can trade for the same Friday through Sunday period.

Vintage clothing, music, home wares, art and collectibles.

6m deep, 6, 12, or 18m wide


These stalls are for non commercial traders wanting to sell used car parts for VW's.

Stalls will be positioned on the outer edge of the car show arena and do not have power.

Stalls are 6m deep and 6m wide and do not include camping.

AUTOJUMBLE (from £40) 

We carefully select traders to ensure we do not duplicate the type of food offer at the show. Many of the traders return each year but we do get a few opportunities to introduce new ones. We expect our traders to have a real zest for what they do, have a great menu and reasonable prices. Your food should be served in sustainable containers and you should consider vegetarian, vegan and gluten free options for your menu. Your catering unit must be registered with a local authority.

FOOD TRADING (from £400) 


This form must be downloaded, completed and submitted for an enquiry regarding a stall that is selling takeaway food ready to eat.



Takeaway Food to Eat

Vdub at the Pub has a variety of food trade pitches available. We carefully manage the food traders to try and prevent product overlap and ensure that the number of traders is balanced with the ability to trade successfully. We vet potential food traders on menu quality, pricing, stand appearance and compliance with food safety. Food stall applications are only taken using the Catering Terms & Application Form above (not the online form below) with aditional terms and conditions.


We have a wide variety of stalls including crafts, stickers, car accessories, clothing, market, antiques, fancy goods, camping equipment etc. Standard stalls are 6m x 6m but double and triple widths can be booked too.

Auto Jumble

We will have a dedicated auto-jumble area, but this is for non-commercial traders selling used VW parts only.


We can make arrangements to supply your stand with power - there is an additional fee for this depending on your requirements. Please ensure you let us know when you book the pitch (using the check box on the payment option) and we will get in touch to confirm which power supply option you need (you then purchase this separately below). If you do not purchase power you will not get any and you cannot use your own generator.

Basic Event Information:

Date: Friday 19 – Sunday 21 August 2022

Location: Fields adjacent Julian's Bridge, Wimborne, Dorset.

VDUB At The PUB is a family-friendly, Volkswagen and music event that has been established since 2008. The show is a proud supporter of the Dorset and Somerset Air Ambulance. There are trade stalls, live music acts, a Show & Shine competition and entertainment for our visitors.





09:00-14:00 – Trade stalls arrive &  set up
14:00 – Gates open to public
We invite you to trade on Friday evening if you wish between 14:00 & 23:00



07:00-09:00 – Trade stalls to be set up / restocking
09:00-18:00 – Compulsory trading

18:00-23:00 - Optional trading


07:00-09:00 – Trade stalls to be set up / restocking

09:00-17:00 - Compulsory trading

17:00-21:00 - Optional trading


We accept payment by the following methods:

Online for basic stalls
BACS (an invoice must be requested)

Terms and conditions


Permission – Only confirmed stalls who have paid the agreed fee will be permitted to access and trade at the event. The organisers reserve the right to shut down and stalls who do not have trading permission or who are trading in any way that does not comply with the agreed booking (e.g. agreed product range on sale, banned/counterfeit products or late arrivals). Payment of a pitch fee from a trader does not imply a confirmed stall, we reserve the right to turn down your application and return your fee.


Space allocation – All vehicles, trading items and personal items belonging to a trader must be confined within the space allocated. Please book the minimum area that will be required. Any belongings that fall outside of the allocated area will be returned or removed if applicable.


Trading passes – Only members with trader passes will be permitted to work on a stall.

Additional trader passes can be purchased here if required.


Animals – Friendly dogs are allowed in the event only if they are kept on a lead at all times and you clear up after them. Food stalls must not have dogs on them. Dogs must always be on a lead. There are no exceptions to this rule, no ‘he never runs off’ or ‘she’ll stay close to the van’ excuses etc – the event takes place on a farm with sheep in neighboring fields.

Litter – Litter generated from and 6m around stalls must be cleared, bagged and disposed of appropriately. The area around your stall must be kept free of litter. All your package must be biodegradable or readily recyclable.


Fire – All trade stalls must have a full, working fire extinguisher in the stall area. This will be checked by organisers before trading can commence. Please note that bonfires are not permitted on any part of the site.


Noise and conduct – Please be respectful to members of the public and staff with respect to conduct and noise levels; noise levels should be kept to a minimum, especially during the night. If you are asked by the event managers to stop any music or noise please do so immediately. Stall holders should not be drinking alcohol whilst they are managing their stalls.


Insurance – All stalls permitted to trade must have provided the organisers with a copy of their public liability insurance, that must cover the entirety of their stall for the duration of the event. Schemes are generally available for under £100 per year for stall traders.


Risk Assessment – All stalls permitted to trade must have produced a risk assessment that must cover the entirety of their stall for the duration of the event. This will be checked by the organisers before trading can commence. Risk assessments do not need to be complex, should take into account Fire risk assessment. 


If you are unsure we advise you to have a look here for some straight forward advice:



If you employ 5 or fewer people the law may not require you to have a written risk assessment – however we do as it is part of our safety management for the event (and the HSE advise it is good practice irrespective of the law).


Selling restrictions – We do not permit trading of dangerous or offensive products as deemed unsuitable by the organisers (such as drugs, knives or products displaying offensive images or language).


Electricity – All electrical items must be securely out of reach from the public and must display a valid PAT certificate. Electrical items that are not waterproof should not be left where they are at risk of getting wet (rain, spillage etc). If you are using an agreed supply from the event organisers you should ensure that you do not exceed the capacity of the supply. The organisers will remove the supply if they deem any equipment or the installation unsafe or you exceed the agreed capacity.


Security – Although security is provided at the show, all items belonging to the trader are the trader’s responsibility. The organisers will not accept responsibility for theft, loss or damage to items belonging to the trader.


Gazebos / Tents – All temporary structures must be used for the purpose for which they are designed. These structures must be sound in quality, well anchored and capable of withstanding poor weather (wind and rain). Any structures which are deemed unsuitable will be disassembled.

No Refunds – Pitch fees will only be refundable if we cancel the event. If you do not turn up or fail to trade at the event we will not refund the fee. We do not offer refunds in the event of poor weather. If your stall is closed or denied access due to any of the above terms and conditions we will not refund you.



The forms below are for all other traders:

'Weekend' stalls are our standard market stalls that can trade all weekend

'Autojumble' are non commercial car parts stalls

'Vintage' are weekend vintage stalls, 'VW weekend' are dub based weekend stalls. 


Please pay for your stall only after you have sent an application and we have confirmed your booking.
Remember to pay for power if you have booked it.

Catering stalls cannot be paid for online, we will send you an invoice to pay us by BACS.