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Price of ticket is per person. Extra charge apply for some activity and large camping plots.


Tickets are only refundable if we cancel the event. If we cancel the event we may offer you a limited opportunity to carry your ticket over to another event or a credit towards a future event. We will assume you have accepted this offer unless you explicitly tells us otherwise before the published cut off date for refunds. 

We reserve the right not to cancel the event on certain grounds. We reserve the right to make alterations to the attractions, activities, music, dates, times, venue location and introduce restrictions on activity if advised by Government or other statutory authority. We will not cancel the event on the grounds of poor weather, poor ground conditions or other limiting factors that do not prevent the event from opening.

Postponement of the event. If the event date is changed for any reason we will offer you the chance to carry over your ticket to the new event. You will be given a fixed period in which to tell us you cannot make the new date and require a refund, after this period we will no longer be liable to refund your ticket.

We will only ever refund your ticket value. Any booking fees or card fees will not be refunded. We will never be liable for any travel, accommodation or other third party costs you may have incurred as a result of the cancellation.

Covid19 regulations and guidance. The event date is currently beyond the date the Government plans to have removed all temporary Covid19 restrictions by. The event will as always have to comply with the health and safety regulations applicable to such events, and if there are additional Covid19 regulations that are still in force during the period of the event we will carry these out and will expect all attending to comply.

Children under 18 must be accompanied by a ticket paying adult.

Dog rulesVdub at the Pub are happy for responsible dog owners to bring their pets into the event arena, campsite and car park. Please make sure you are happy with the rules regarding dogs at Vdub, if you cannot stick to these please do not consider bringing your dog to the event.


Dogs must always be on a lead. There are no exceptions to this rule, no ‘he never runs off’ or ‘she’ll stay close to the van’ excuses etc – the event takes place on a farm with sheep in neighboring fields.

You must clear up after your dog.

Dogs are not be allowed in the marquees with the stage/bar in – they are loud busy places and not suitable for animals.

Any owners not sticking to these rules will be asked to leave to the event.

No personal alcohol to be permitted inside the event arena - this includes the bar, music, trade stalls and entertainment area.


No generators in camping areas.

No independent sound systems or loud music at night. Music should stop at 10pm in camping areas.


No open fires, fireworks or Chinese lanterns at all on site. Gas barbecues are permitted.


Please take all rubbish with you from the site, we provide recycling and waste bins, please use them.


No driving on site, except for entry and exit.


Anti-social behavior will not be tolerated, this includes towards others and staff, we reserve the right to have visitors removed from the site by security staff.

Entry to event:

We reserve the right to refuse entry and/or remove our invite for anyone to be at the event for any reason including the following:  

- Anyone who we reasonably judge to be a threat to staff or attendees with respect to drunkenness, violent or abusive behavior, none compliance with our requests, refusal to pay or hold a ticket, not having acceptable proof of age, the possession of illegal substances, the possession of 'legal highs' or any similar behavior.

- Anyone who disturbs the other events attendees or local residents after the event closure time.

- Anyone who fails to comply with the licensing restrictions of the event.

- Anyone who fails to comply with the site access restrictions of the event, accesses the neighboring farm fields or allows pets to do so.

- After the box office has closed each day.

Ticket Bookings:


Your booking is complete when we receive payment.

If the event is completely cancelled refunds will be made to the booking details used to carry out the initial booking.

We will send you confirmation of the booking by email.


We will redeem each ticket at the event against this booking reference, it is your responsibility to keep it secure. We will only redeem each booking reference once (to the first person who presents it).

If you receive a wristband it is your responsibility not to lose it, if you do lose it you will have to pay the full event rate again to be issued with another. If you damage your wristband we will exchange it at the box office.

Camping tickets include space to pitch in our campsite of 6m x 6m meters per 4 people. This is just enough room to squeeze 2 vans or a van and a tent. There may not be room to park an additional car and you could be asked to park it in the general car park. If the main campsite is full we will find camping spaces for pre booked campers in our overflow campsite area.


No camping is allowed in the event arena or the car park.


Traders Bookings


Traders are booked in under additional terms and conditions, as well as the general terms and conditions. These can be found here.


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